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Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School

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Frequently Asked Questions
Fire Dragon Warrior Style Kung Fu School

About the Warrior Style Kung Fu taught at the Fire Dragon Kung Fu School


1.) What is Warrior Style Kung Fu?


Warrior Style Kung Fu is the name of one style of kung fu which is taught mainly from one generation to another: father to son and grandfather to grandson. It originated back in China before the first emperor’s reign. It has nothing to do with any religion at all, but it sure has to do with love to our neighbors and respect to all living beings. It is trained by using weapons, as well as any other existing tools, but it is not based on the training with any particular weapon by itself. It has no fixed exercises or forms or movements because life is mutable and fluid.


2.) Where is the Warrior Style Kung Fu headquarters located, in Venezuela and China?


The reason why you do not find any Warrior Style Kung Fu School, anywhere at all, or huge ads, not even in the yellow pages, not even in China, is the following: our style of kung fu is taught mainly from one generation to another: father to son and grandfather to grandson, and so on.


3.) Who can teach me Warrior Style Kung Fu?


In spite of this limitation, there have been certain masters (Sifu) who have taught their style of kung fu to a highly limited number of disciples who, in their opinion, deserved this honor. However, it is a family treasure, a legacy that is invaluable and so appreciated, which remains a family business.


4.) Where can I train Warrior Style Kung Fu?


It is usually trained in backyards, where we live; it is also taught in parks, sandy beaches, squares, valleys, hills, etc. That is to say, it certainly needs not a building or gym in which a sign is posted to be called a school, because in China traditionally a school is located wherever a master is teaching his pupils.  


5.) What is the fee for training Warrior Style Kung Fu?


To honor my Sifu and his martial art, just like he himself did, training Warrior Style kung Fu is absolutely free of charge. The only requirement is to be fully committed to learning our style of kung fu and art, and to avoid hurting any living being.


6.) Who grants the diploma or degree or belt or sash to a student?


A School of Warrior Style Kung Fu does not grant any belts or sashes or diplomas to any student at all to acknowledge his expertise. It is our attitude what makes us different, as a new student or as an expert. Wisdom comes with years and it is daily practice what forges our spirit.


7.) Who accredits a master or school of Warrior Style Kung Fu?


Mastery in Warrior Style Kung Fu is shown daily and it is the result of cultivating the principles and philosophy learned through years and transmitted by a Sifu. Traditionally, in China a school is located wherever a master is teaching his pupils. Accordingly, accreditation is gained only when a disciple is fully accepted by a master of Warrior Style Kung Fu.


8.) How many exercises or forms does Warrior Style Kung Fu comprise?


Sifu CHUNG never used such a thing like Chuan (Quan) to teach us kung fu. He did believe each one of us is unique and special; thus, training Warrior Style Kung Fu could not limit itself to repeating any given sequence of movements or drills at all. Of course, He taught us, for example, the correct way to perform “the dragon twists and counter-attacks by hitting the opponent’s face and breaks his knee”, “the monkey bends forwards and counter-attacks by pushing the opponent with its rear side and hits him with its foot”, “the sneak sprains the opponent’s arm and hits his eyes”, among other.


9.)  What are the rules applicable to Warrior Style Kung Fu matches?


Sifu CHUNG used to say the following: “in a real combat, there are no prizes or medals. The only reward is to continue to live”.


10.) How many years must a student train Warrior Style Kung Fu?


Training in Warrior Style Kung Fu is not measured in years. Mastery of this art comes with our full commitment and dedication. In my case, Sifu CHUNG taught me His style of kung fu since I was seven (7) years old, during approximately eight (8) years. Since then, I have trained Warrior Style Kung Fu by myself on a regular basis. Both my daughter (born on 26-January-1996) and my son (born on 17-March-1999) have trained with me since they became three (3) years old.


11.) Can I join the Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School?


There are three (3) ways to gain approval to join the Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School: (a.) by being a son/daughter or a grandson/granddaughter of the Head Instructor; (b.) by gaining recognition from the Sifu by having an exemplary behavior in the community where He lives; and (c.) by being recommended by another disciple or student of kung fu.

Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School
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