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Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School

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About Us

Fire Dragon Warrior Style Kung Fu School

The system of Chinese fighting and boxing that I learned from my Master CHUNG Lian-Huang is known to us under the name of “Warrior Style” (战士样式). He himself learned it from his father, who in turn learned it from his own father, and so it happened through generations. I cannot tell it is a southern or northern style of Kung Fu, nor can I say it is soft or hard. That is to say, the norms used for conventionally classifying the styles of Kung Fu and trying to give them a mythic origin and/or assigning them certain superiority over the other styles do not apply.


Sifu CHUNG came to Venezuela (委内瑞拉), in South America (南美洲), for survival reasons. His family had to face very rough moments due to the revolution headed by Mao Tze Tung, which prohibited all religious practices and traditional martial arts in China. Sifu CHUNG used to say he came from the Province of Canton in the South of China, but also he said his parents and grandparents emigrated from town to town and from one province to another, seeking their progress. In Venezuela, he worked as a cook, waiter, and bartender; however, he also had to clean bathrooms, gather and discard garbage, and deal with offenses and offenders in a restaurant, but he always kept his good manners and love for his homeland. He was not tall nor big, but rather short and slim, and as strong as a bull and fast; besides he was wise and patient. He did not have any children, but he did have a few disciples, and lucky was I for being among them.


I met Him when he was already a mature man of about fifty (50) years of age, thus I always consider myself a “very fortunate man” (我是一吉祥人). I was about seven (7) years old (born on 28-Nov-1966, which is the “Fire Horse Year” (火骠), at the “Dragon Time” (), which is between 06:00 a.m. and 08:00 a.m.) and trained under his direct supervision for approximately seven (7) or eight (8) years. He always said he wanted to die in his homeland, and if he is still at this plane, he should be around eighty-three (83) to eighty-five (85) years old, but I must admit that Chinese people use a different calendar. To me, he became someone more significant than a master because my Sifu CHUNG became my second father and the most influencing man in the physical-spiritual-psychological-intellectual-etc. development of a boy who eventually would became a father and have his own family.

Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School
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