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Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School

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Our Philosophy

Warrior Style Kung Fu is based on five (5) philosophic principles, namely: strength, velocity, precision, top economy regarding movement and energy, and the skills of a superior warrior.


(1.) Strength () (安康) refers to the expression of our own internal and external power.


(2.) Velocity (最大速率) is the skill to perform movements and/or displacements and/or attacks and/or counter-attacks in the shortest time possible.


(3.) Precision (百步穿楊) is the ability to always hit the target chosen by us, even though a deviation is necessary.


(4.) Top Economy regarding Movement and Energy (最大活力) (高档动作) relates to the following practical principle: one punch = one perfect target. This way we are able to face a long battle without losing our efficiency or effectiveness.


(5.) The Skills of a Superior Warrior (优越) (顶尖级战士) (大侠) arise when we cultivate the strength of our mind-body-spirit and our self, unconditional love, benevolence, humility, piety, and total reliance on our fate.


Thus, a Warrior Style Kung Fu Student avoids killing other human beings, unless it is his own existence or his family or loved ones at risk of death.  


Among the weapons used in the daily practice of Warrior Style Kung Fu are: short and long sticks (棍子), small and big knifes (), one-edged () and two-edged () swords, spears (), halberds (), canes (), fists, feet, elbows, knees, head, arms, legs, etc.  However, the objective of the training is to learn how to use the whole human body as the “Ultimate Weapon” (功夫), since no other weapon can defeat a well-prepared mind and body.

Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School
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