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Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School

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Kung Fu (功夫) is an ancient and diverse martial art. Numerous are the stories that have been written and narrated on its origins and styles. Many people state that Kung Fu originated in northern China; others affirm that it was in southern China where it developed. Some other people strongly argue that Kung Fu acquired its form and philosophic principles from the teachings of a monk named Bodhidarma and that only the Shaolin monks are the heirs and guards and practitioners of the purest style of Kung Fu. However, nobody can really define where, how, or when this martial art became what to date everybody denominates Kung Fu and its variants or styles, among which are, for example, Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, Wing Chung, Tiger Style Kung Fu, Monkey Style, Northern Mantis Style, Southern Mantis Style, Wu Shu, etc.


At the “Fire Dragon, Kung Fu School” (火龙功夫学校) we learn a style of Kung Fu that has been practiced and taught for various generations of masters (“Warrior Style” / 战士样式) who have only transmitted their martial art from father to son, and from son to grandson, etc. And in some special occasions it has been taught to disciples who have been carefully chosen. Accordingly, it has never been commercialized, nor has it been subject to a tariff for teachings and learning, nor a central headquarter exists from which all subsidiaries receive instructions and all instructors must show their respect on a regular basis through skill examinations and change of colorful belts or uniforms, because this is a family business, a sole shareholder’s equity, a link of today’s men with their beloved ancestors. Then it is not a product that is available for sale with the promise of “full satisfaction or your money back”.

OUR NEW LOCATION is Calgary, Alberta, Canada, since 2009. Thank you and best of luck.

Fire Dragon Warrior Style Kung Fu School

Fire Dragon, Warrior Style Kung Fu School
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